"A spectacular destination of ancient wisdom bestowed with eternal grace of nature!"

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Chidambaram Temple is Famous Nataraja Temple in Tamilnadu India

Saradharam Hotel
Saradharam Hotel
Address: 19, V.G.P. Street, Chidambaram - 608 001. Cuddalore , Chidambaram
Location: District, Tamilnadu State, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

Saradharam Hotel
Alritz Hotel
Address: 2 VGP Street Near Nagarajar Temple,
Location: Chidambaram 608001, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

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The Akas sthalam

Chidambaram Tourism Guide, is the seat of the cosmic dancer Nataraja (Ananda Tandava pose ; the Cosmic Dance of bliss). Chidambaram is one of the foremost Saivite shrines; the very name Kovil refers to Chidambaram, where Natarajar is enshrined in the Chit Sabha or the Hall of Consciousness, in the Ananda Tandavam (Dance of Bliss) pose. Chidambaram is one of the Panchabhoota Stalams signifying the 5 elements of wind water , fire , earth and space. The Moovar (Sambandar, Appar and Sundarar) as well as Manikkavacakar have sung praises of Chidambaram. Several literary works praise the glory of Chidambaram.


Chidambaram Tours and Travel, is 250 Kms south of Chennai. It is on the railway main line. Roughly this is in the middle, between Chennai and Tiruchirapalli. Chidambaram can be reached by bus. Bus routes connect this town to various places in Tamil Nadu.

Glory of the legend !

This temple was concealed behind the veil of mystery for centuries,but its known sublimity in records begins with the visit of Hiranya Chakravarthi of Kashmir around 500 A.D. The king is believed to have been cured of his leprosy with a single dip in the temple pushkarini, Sivaganga thirtham . The four eminent saiva acharyas Appar, Sambandar, Sundarar and Manikkavachakar are bonded with this holy temple and produced master pieces eulogising their respective paths - Charya, Kriya, Yoga and Gnana. This kshetra is said to have given 'moksha' (liberation) to infinite devotees - notable amongst them are Nandanar, Tirunilakandanayanar, Vyagrapada, Patanjali.

On the map of the Tamilian heart !

Chidambaram is located 235 Kms from Chennai (Madras), Tamilnadu State, South India and 43 Kms from Cuddalore (Cuddalore District Headquarters).