"Kailasamundaiyar Temple Explore the Kailasamundaiyar Temple, one of the temples around Trichy with a rich historical background. The inscriptions of the temple reveal a lot about the Cholas, specially Raja Raja 1".

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Kailasamundaiyar Temple Tours and Pilgrimage Travel

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Hotel Sangam
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Royal Southern Hotel
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About Kailasamundaiyar Temple

Location: Temple around Trichy, Cholamadevi, 12 kms away from Trichy city
Built in: 1065 AD
Presiding Deity: Lord Siva

Amidst the lush green paddyfields and sylvan surrounding on the northern banks of the Uyyakondan channel in a sleepy hamlet named Cholamadevi near Thiruverumbur, 12 km away from Trichy City, stands a dilapidated temple. But for a trained eye, the historical importance of its majestic ruins wouldn't go unnoticed. The Kailasamundaiyar temple, dating back to the 11th century, is a virtual treasure house of historic information pertaining to the Cholas. The adhistana and the walls of the temple are fully covered with inscriptions belonging to the periods of Raja Raja Chola I, Rajendra Chola I and Vira Rajendra Chola I. A majority of the inscriptions belong to Raja Raja I. Further, the inscriptions contain the earliest known reference to Sankara Bhashyam, a commentary on Sankara's philosophy, written by Chidaananda Bhattaara. The inscription is in Tamil with a few Sanskrit words in between written in Grantha characters.

Structure of the Kailasamundaiyar Temple

Apart from the importance of the inscription, the Kailasamundaiyar temple itself is rated as an architectural marvel and built as per specifications of the Silpa Shasthra. The Siva temple consists of a central shrine, ardha and Mahamandapas. The presiding deity, the Linga has a square base. The four-pillared ardhamandapa has exquisite in the front. Two dwarapala sculpture adorn the entrance of the ardhamandapa.

A Closer View

A unique feature of the temple is the innumerable panel sculptures on almost every stone, which has gone into its construction. Among the most eye catching carving are an image of Bhikshatana, a figure of a lady holding a ladle and a row of pots, Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy and a sculpture of Krishna caught in the act of stealing butter.


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