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Aruppukottai Tourism Tour and Travel Tamilnadu

Aruppukottai Chettinad
Aruppukottai Chettinad A/ C Restaurant
Address: No 12/26 Sowrashtra Nagar
Location: Chennai, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

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About Aruppukottai Tourism

The time when Vijayanagar empire was dominating the entire Tamilnadu, Aruppukottai was the place where the Telegu speaking people came to establish themselves. Located in the Arcot district today this small but peaceful town is known for its silk sarees.

History of Aruppukottai - Know Its Past

Aruppukottai is known to be the city of weavers who are very much skilled in their art form. The only other occupation that the people here indulge in is working in the sugar mills. But majorly the people here are indulged in handlooms and powerlooms industry. In short it can be said that the people of Arni mainly shows interest in the field of Agriculture, Weaving, Growing Honey-bees and Poultry Farms. Today you can visit the houses of these weavers that form an important part of rural tourism in Aruppukottai.

Tourist Attractions of Aruppukottai Tamilnadu

If you want to see the real soul of Tamilnadu and its cultural heritage then a visit to Aruppukottai is a must for every visitor. The small town is immensely blessed with extreme natural charm often alluring the travelers from different parts of the world. The residents of the township seem to enlighten history with the lamps of culture. Semi-rural and semi-urban as it may be called this city is indeed located at the confluence of time. The only destination to see here is the


Located in the Arcot District, is this town Arni, famous for Silk Sarees.

How To Reach Aruppukottai Tamilnadu

» By Air : The nearest airport is Chennai which is further well-connected to the cities of the state.

» By Rail : Aruppukottai is well connected to all the major cities of the region.

» By Road : Roads connect Aruppukottai to other cities.

Also Tamilnadu tourism will provide you info about hotels in Aruppukottai along with Aruppukottai map for easy access through the city.

Cultural musings

Music and dance are the essence of Tamil Nadu. Rowing bands travel from village to village singing ballads and rendering entertainment to the common folks.

As stated earlier, music is an essence of Tamil Nadu. The classical form of music in South India is Carnatic Music. It is a treatise of Sage Bharata and might have originated as a result of Bakti Movement. With the temples as the focal points, music flourished through the ages.

Places of interest

Aruppukottai is a small township and reflects the cultural essence of Tamil Nadu. The residents of the township seem to enlighten history with the lamps of culture. Semi-rural ao semi-urban as it may be called this city is indeed located at the confluence of time.

Sri Amutha Lingeswarar Temple

A number of festivals take place in the temple. Some Important festivals are:

  • Chithra Pournami
  • Natarajar Abhishegam
  • Vaigasi Pormortchavam
  • Aani-Natarajar Abhishegam
  • Aadi-Amman Thabasu
  • Avani-Vinayagar Saturthi
  • Natarajar Abhishegam
  • Puratasi Vijaya Dhasami
  • Natarajar Abhishegam
  • Ippasi- Kandar Shasti
  • Paladai, Neivethiam
  • Karthigai- Perumal Karthigai
  • Margazhi-Aruthira Dharisanam etc.