"A spectacular destination of ancient wisdom bestowed with eternal grace of nature!"

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Chidambaram Tourism and Temples Tours Tamilnadu

Saradharam Hotel
Saradharam Hotel
Address: 19, V.G.P. Street, Chidambaram - 608 001. Cuddalore , Chidambaram
Location: District, Tamilnadu State, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

Alritz Hotel
Alritz Hotel
Address: 2 VGP Street Near Nagarajar Temple,
Location: Chidambaram 608001, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

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About Chidambaram Tourism

Home to famous Annamalai University, Chidambram is a small industrial town located in the east-central part of Tamil Nadu state. Beside being an industrial hub, the town is also home to the famous Nataraja Temple, Chidambram Temple. Being a major pilgrimage site for Shaivites and Vaishnavites the town host a number of travelers coming here from different parts.

Places To Visit In Chidambram Tamil Nadu

» The Nataraja Temple : The Golden Marvel
  • Covering an area of 40 acres the Nataraja temple is perfectly located in the center of the town.
  • It is one of the oldest temples of Tamil Nadu and has a roof that is covered with gold plates.
  • The presiding deity of the temple "Akasa Lingam" represents 5 elements of the universe .
  • 108 Bharatha Natyam dance positions can be seen engraved on the different towers of the temple.

» The Sivakamiamman Temple :
The Sivaganga tank and the thousand pillar hall are the other highlights and special features of the temple attracting the visitors.

» Kali Temple : The Ancient Temple Site
  • The Thillaikaliamman temple is located on the northern end of the town.
  • It was constructed by Kopperunjingan, who ruled between 1229 AD and 1278 AD.

» Annamalai University :
  • Annamalai is a residential University founded by the Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar.
  • The university offers courses for Tamil learning and Carnatic music.
  • The university also offers courses including Medicine, Agriculture, Engineering etc.

Tamilnadu Tourism Chidambram - Nearby Excursions

» Pichavaram : The Backwater Destination
  • Pichavaram, 16 km. east of Chidambaram, ranks among the most exquisite scenic spot with immense natural beauty.
  • The fantastic backdrop often attract travelers for water sports like- parasailing, rowing and canoeing.

» Neyveli : The Industrial Town
  • Neyveli is one of the biggest industrial complexes in the country.
  • Apart from fertilizers ceramic wares and Leco (cooking coal), a number of by-products are also produced from this industrial town.

» Kalvarayan Hills : Best For Peaceful Holidays
  • The Kalvarayan hills are situated 150 km north west of Chidambram.
  • Kalvarayan hills are a perfect destination to enjoy some peaceful atmosphere and cool weather.
  • There is a beautiful botanical garden on the hills.
  • There are two waterfalls here and the area is best suited for trekking.
  • A summer festival is also held every year in the month of May.

» Tarangambadi : The Fort Site
  • Once the site of a Danish settlement, Tarangambadi has the remains of the Dansborg fort built by Ore Gedde.
  • Apart from the ramparts, the rest of the buildings are in good condition and make a good travel option to see.

What Not To Miss In Chidambram Tamilnadu

Two annual Bhrammotsavams at Chidambaram organized in the month of Margazhi (Dec 15 - Jan 15). On the day deities of the temple are taken out in a procession of colorful decorated cars.

This ten day festival at Chidambaram involves whole lot of activites like hoisting of the temple flag on the first day, followed by colorful processions of the five deities (Pancha Murthys) on the first eight days on various mounts. The fifth day features Mount Kailasam, while the sixth day features the elephant mount. On the last day Nataraja leaves his sanctum, and is taken in a procession.

Relevance of the name

Chidambaram (also Thillai) literally means the sky permeated by an atmosphere of intelligence and wisdom. According to legend, it was once a forest of tillai, a mangrove species of trees. There was once a small shrine on the banks of a tank. The saints Vyagrapada and Patanjali are said to have worshipped at this shrine, now called Thirumoolanathar. It is believed that their penance attained fruition with the revelation of Shiva's cosmic dance by Lord Nataraja on the auspicious Thai Poosam day.

How To Reach Chidambram

» By Air: The nearest airport to Chidambaram is Tiruchirappalli at a distance of about 195 km.

» By Rail: Chidambaram is on the Chennai-Trichy meter-gauge line and is also connected by rail to the temple towns of Rameswaram, Thanjavur, and Kumbakonam.

» By Road: Chidambaram is connected to all the major towns of Tamil Nadu via good network of roads.

Accommodation In Chidambram

Make your pick among the various luxury and budget hotels and resorts in Chidambram offered by the state department.