"A spectacular destination of ancient wisdom bestowed with eternal grace of nature!"

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A.M.S Hotel
A.M.S Hotel
Address: 9, Head Post Office Road,
Location: Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

Sangam Lodge
Sangam Lodge
Address: 98, North Nageswaran Street,
Location: Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

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About Kumbakonam

Kumbakonam is the city of divine strife of South India situated in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. It is a fertile area situated on the banks of river Cauvery and one of its tributaries Arasalaru. The district has an ethos that is representative of the rural aesthetic tradition that, on the whole, still marks the life there.


» Airways : Tiruchirappalli, 92 kms away from Kumbakonam has an airport.

» Railways : Tiruchi railway line connects Kumbakonam to the major cities of the region.

» Roadways : Kumbakonam is well connected to all the cities located in the region.

» Amazing Hindu passion
The prayers of the divine world echo with the music of life. The Hindu devotion and benedictions that shower peace and harmony bestow the pilgrim with eternal faith in the Almighty. The seat of spiritual compassion the south is embedded with highest form of expressions of religious sentiments.

The explorable attractions!

» Sankara Mutt : This is the place which was shifted from Kanchi some 200 years ago. Located on the river banks of Cauvery, even now the mutt conducts Veda Classes and religious preaching very often. Brindavans of three Jagath Guru Acharyas are seen in the front side of the mutt.

» Raghavendra Mutt : This place is holds more religious relevance than Mantralaya, where the Brindavan of the Guru of Raghavendra's Guru is located in the southern side Cauvery. Saint Raghevendra is said to have visited this place. Though devotees visit this place daily, huge crowd coalese to pray on Thursdays.

» Veda Patasala : This was built by Tanjore Maharaja on the banks of Cauvery in the 17th Century. Though this is more than 300 years old, Veda classes are being conducted regularly. It is very marvellous to see the students reciting Vedas and Manthras in their traditional dress ( Dhoti, Half shaven head ) in chorus.

Temples in the city

» Sri Abhimugheswarar Temple : The temple is situated in the eastern side of M' tank. Entrance is facing the west side with the Lord Abhimugheswarar and Goddess Amirthavalli.

» Sri Kasi Vishwanathar Temple : This temple has been praised by Sambandhar in his "Devaram". It is situated in the north eastern side of M' tank. God : Kaayarohanar. Goddess : Vishalakshi. The nine rivers called as Navakannigas are here in the form of statues. The corridors have very attractive sculptures.

Festivals : Aadipuram (Aashada ) and Maasimaham.

» Sri Gowthameswarar Temple : This temple is in the south western side of M' Tank. God : Yagnobhaveetheswar Goddess : Sundaranayagi.

» Sri Nageswaran Temple : The temple had been sung by Appar. Wide corridors with excellent carve works and statues are seen. God : Nageswaran Goddess : Brihun Nayagi. A Chariot with Nataraj's "Ananda Thandavam" pose is one of the examples of rich art work.

Prayings for the Sun God during the month of Chithirai ( April ), Brahmotsavam during March/April are the important festivals.

» Brahman Temple : Pleased by the prayers of Brahma, Vishnu appeared here as " Vedanarayan " and "Varadharaja". The temple is in the banks of Arasalaru river.


Kumbakonam offers the tourist with choices ranging from Moderate class hotel to Economy class hotels, lodges and choultries.

Few of the major hotels are enlisted here;
» Hotel Laxmi Vilas
» Hotel Archana
» Hotel Newkarpagam
» Hotel Udhayam
» Hotel Rayas