"Mamallapuram Tour- Enjoy an exciting and unforgettable tour to Mamallapuram, that awaits to offer the archaic beauty of Shore Temples to the travelers."

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Mamallapuram Tourism Travel Tours in Tamilnadu India : Salutation to The Lord

Hotel  Mamalla Heritage
Hotel Mamalla Heritage
Address: 104, east raja street, mamallapuram,
Location: Tamil Nadu
Property Type: Resort

Hotel  Lakshmi Cottages
Hotel Lakshmi Cottages
Address: No-5, Othavadai Street, Mahabalipuram,
Location: Tamil Nadu
Property Type: Resort
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About Mamallapuram Tamilnadu

Earlier known as Mahabalipuram, Mamallapuram in Tamilnadu is one great destination famous for its ancient temples. Situated just 60 km from Chennai, the town served as an important port center for the Pallava rulers. Mamallapuram tourism travel offers the travelers a great opportunity to explore the natural as well as historical aspect of the city. Lets have a look at it with Mamallapuram tourism:

Mamallapuram Tourism - Exploring The City

The town of temples, sand and sea - Mamallapuram, was earlier known as Mahabalipuram is world famous for its beautiful Shore Temples. It was once the main port and naval base of the great Pallava kingdom and was later made the capital of this Dynasty.

Mamall - What Does The Name Mean?

' Mamall ', was the title of a great wrestler was the given to king Narasimha Varman I. And it was during his reign that most of the temples here dedicated to the Lord Siva and Vishnu, were constructed between 630 A.D and 728 A.D

What To See In Mamallapuram Tamilnadu

All you have to do here is just sit back and relax and let the mystery of this beautiful coastal town unravel in front of you. Lets see what you can see here.

» Arjuna's Penance :
  • Arjuna's Penance rock is the largest bas - relief sculpture in the world.
  • It gets its name from the figure of an ascetic who is believed to be Arjuna, the hero of Mahabharata.
  • According to others it is the figure of Bhagiratha who pleased Lord Siva to let the river Ganges flow over to the earth.

» Five Rathas :
  • There are five temples here of the monolithic times, each created in different style.
  • They are also know as Pancha Pandava Rathas, and four of the Rathas carved out of a large rock.

» Tiger's Cave :
  • Tiger's cave is 4 km north of the main monument complex.
  • In ancient times it was an open air theater, where cultural programmes were held.
  • The close proximity to sea make it a great place to relax and enjoy the sunset.

» The Shore Temple :
  • Shore temple is one of the oldest temples in South India.
  • It belongs to the 8th Century AD and is a good example of the beginning of the Dravidian architectural style.
  • Enjoy their beauty at night when the monuments are flood with bright lights.

Mamallapuram Dance Festival - Not To Be Missed

Mahabalipuram Dance Festival is an occasion for the dance lovers when they can enjoy the performances of the skilled artists from all parts of the country. The festival is celebrated in the month of January/February every year. The Shore Temple make the stage and a beautiful backdrop of this festival.

Tamilnadu Tourism Mamallapuram - How To Reach

» By Air : The nearest airport from Mahabalipuram is Chennai, located around 60 km away. One can get flights for almost all major destinations in India and abroad.

» By Rail : The nearest railway station, Chengalpattu, is around 29 km away from Mahabalipuram. Trains for Chennai and several other major cities in South India are available from here.

» By Road :Mamallapuram Tamilandu is connected by road to Chennai, Tirukkalikundram (Pakshithirtham), Kanchipuram (65 km), and Pondicherry.

Where To Stay At Mamallapuram

Staying is not at all a problem at Mahabalipuram as there are many good hotels and resorts to live in. Choose your accommodation according to your budget. Few of them are:

  • Government of Tamil Nadu Tourist Office - Budget hotel
  • TTDC Beach Resort - Government regulated beach resort
  • Hotel Tamil Nadu Beach Resort - 3 star beach resort
  • Hotel Tamil Nadu Youth Camp - 4 star hotel