"Pondicherry Tourism - A perfect blend of modern and traditional, Pondicherry tour offers a fruitful experience to those looking for peaceful vacation."

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Pondicherry Tourism Tours and Tourist Places to Visit

Hotel Annamalai International
Hotel Annamalai International
Address: 479 Kamaraj Salai, Saram
Location: Pondicherry-605013 India

Ajantha Sea View Hotel
Ajantha Sea View Hotel
Address:50, Goubert Avenue;Beach Road
Location: Pondicherry-605001 India

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About Pondicherry Tourism

Pondicherry Tamilnadu is one destination in India where the French colonial impact is still clearly visible in its cultural heritage. One of the most cosmopolitan city of Tamilnadu, Pondicherry offers a life full of composite culture in the deep south.

Pondicherry India - The Glorious Historical Past

Pondicherry or Puducherry (the modern name) served as the capital of French colonies in the 17th century. The same place where Vasco Da Gama first landed and started trade relations with this remote part of the country. That was also the time when British, Spanish and French powers were fighting with each other over a strong hold on this territory (as it was considered to be a gateway to India trade). But French outcome everyone. The influence of the French on the life, language, art, and architecture of the people of Pondicherry is still evident.

Pondicherry Tourism - Tourist Places to Visit

This French influenced Union Territory has so much to offer to the travelers that you will never get enough of it. Lets have a look.

Pondicherry Museum - Get To Know The History
  • The museum here houses a collection of articles that provide a view of the culture past of this region.
  • Sculptures of the Pallava, Chola and Vijayanagar periods adorn this museum.
  • Besides, there are various artifacts belonging to the Roman and Chinese civilizations.
  • The museum is divided into galleries or sections.
  • In the French-India Gallery there are some wonderful Italian marble statues of spring, Venus, Psyche, and Cupid.
  • The Arms Gallery displays walking sticks that are really the outer cases of thin, sharp swords.
  • An old rusted weapon fashioned after a Roman sword is the oldest metal piece on show.

Ola Place - Enjoy A Peaceful Evening
It is a small square with park on either side. A nice place to spend the evenings on your Pondicherry tourism.

Raj Nivas - The Royal French Residence
  • Raj Nivas is also one of the most popular destination of the Pondicherry tourism.
  • The place where Dupleix once lived during French occupancy is now the residence of the Lt. Governor.
  • Many of the Government offices are all situated in this area.

Cercle de Pondicherry - Time To Hangout
This local club is always abuzz with activity. It is the favorite haunt of the many French pensioners.

Aurobindo Ashram - Get To Know Yourself
  • The Aurobindo ashram is a popular travel attraction among both the India and foreign travelers.
  • The Philosophy that is being followed here is "perfection of man through work".
  • Every man or woman can pursue any type of work he or she likes but do it with perfection.
  • Thus education, art, craft, agricultural, industry have all found a beautiful expression in the Ashram.

Auroville - A Must Visit
  • Auroville stretches over 800 acres scattered with houses for its residents.
  • It is a self sufficient settlement with its own fruit and herb orchards and schools with some very interesting modern architectural styles.
  • The site covers areas both in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu and provides a beautiful panoramic view with the sea on the east and a number of lakes on the west and north.

Maison Ananda Rangapillai
  • Maison Ananda Rangapillai is a house where a courtier of Dupleix lived and maintained a diary from 1736-1760
  • The diary is an invaluable historical record of French rule in India.
  • Visit it on your Pondicherry tour to unveil the past of the city.

The Beach - Time To Relax
  • The beach of Pondicherry stretches on to Marakanam, which is a little fishing town.
  • Spend some time here to experience the serenity as well as local life on your Pondicherry tour.

Ousteri Lake - Picnic Spot
  • Bring your family and friend to this hotspot in Pondicherry tourist places.
  • It is a famous picnic spot where you can enjoy some light moments with them.

Others Excursions To See With Pondicherry Tamilnadu Tourism
On you way to Karaikul one can see a number of famous temples of Tamil Nadu. Chidambaram, the temple town of Nataraja, is on the way as also Vaitheeswaran Koil near Sirkali. If one makes a slight detour one can visit the famous Velankanni Church which is a place of Pilgrimage for Christians as well as the Mosque at Nagore in Karaikal, the place of pilgrimage for Muslims.

How to Reach Pondicherry

By Air: The nearest airport is Chennai, 135 km.

By Rail: It is connected only by a meter gauge line. Villupuram, 36 km away, is the nearest broad gauge link. The territory is also connected to Chennai by direct meter gauge services.

By Road: An excellent network of roads links it with the major centers of the region.

Local Transport: Taxis, auto-rickshaws and bicycles.

Hotels In Pondicherry - Where To Stay

Few places where you can stay during your Pondicherry tour are

  • Hotel Annamalai International - 4 star hotel
  • Ajantha Sea View Hotel - 3 star hotel
  • Hotel De L'Orient - 3 star hotel