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Bungalow On The Beach Tharangambadi
The Bungalow On The Beach Tharangambadi
Address: 24 King St, Tharangambadi
Location: District, Tamilnadu State, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

Hotel Tharangambadil
Tamil Nadu Hotel Tharangambadil
Address: Charing Cross Road Tharangambadi,
Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Property Type: Business And Leisure Hotel

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About Tharangambadi

The Danish Fort Is Getting Back Its Glory:
The historical Fort Dansborg at Tharangambadi, a relic of the Danishera in India, is back in the limelight with the initial phase of restoration work nearing completion. Constructed nearly four centuries ago, the monument which served as the residence of Danish Governor for 150 years, has been in ruins, because of age, weathering and apathy on the part of the administration.

Now, work is on at a feverish pace to resort one portion of the Fort-southern arm-and finishing touches are being given. A function will be held on July 14 near the Fort premises to mark the completion of the work.

Also known as Tranquebar, Tharangambadi, about 275 km from Chennai was chosen by the Danes to expand trade in the 17th century A.D. Ove Gedde, a Danish admiral, negotiated and signed a treaty with the Tanjore King, Vijaya Raghunatha Nayak, in November 1620. It provided for creation of a port at Tharangambadi and export of pepper to Denmark. Work on the fort began immediately and was completed in 1622. By mid-19th century, all Danish settlement were transferred to the British East India Company under a pact. Tharangambadi was one of them and the Fort, along with 13 brass canons mounted on the ramparts of the fort, became British property and also provide Tranquebar City Tour & Travel

Tourist Attractions of Tharangambadi

After independence, the monument was used as an inspection bungalow of the Public Works Department and in the late 1970s, a museum was set up to portray the Indo-Danish contacts in political, social and commercial fields. At present, a major portion of the Fort is under the control of the State Archaeological department, while one portion is with the Archaeological Survey of India.
The process of restoration started, exactly a year ago, when the Nagapattinam Collector, Sudeep Jain, visited the Fort immediately after taking charge. He wrote to the Government, requesting it to arrange for restoration of the Fort. The Denmark Government has also been urging its Indian counterpart to help in the restoration of the work. Meanwhile, a group of Dances formed the Tranquebar Association to take up the job.

In April, the ASI completes the restoration work on the Land Gate, gateway to the town of Tranquebar. Around the same time, work on the Forts southern portion began with the combined efforts of the Tranquebar Association and the State Archaeological department.

Cracks on the walls were filled and wooden doors and windows replaced with fresh ones. Four focus lights will be installed to light up the area. We have carried out the work, conforming to the internationally accepted principles of heritage conservation, says a senior official of the archaeology department.