"Vellore Tourism - The history of Vellore India begins to unfold the moment you step into the Vijayanagar fort here. Explore the fort & other attractions on your Vellore Tour."

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Vellore Tourism

Hotel Aavanaa Inn
Hotel Aavanaa Inn
Address: 144 Arcot Road, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Location: Opposite to CMC Hospital
Property Type: Leisure Hotel
Accessibility: Chennai Airport: 120km, Railway station(Katpaddi junction): 6.5km, Bus Terminus: 1km

Hotel Palm Tree
Hotel Palm Tree
Address: Officers Line (Next to Corporation Office) No.10, Thennamaram Street Kosapet, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.
Location: City centre
Property Type: Business and Leisure Hotel
Accessibility: Chennai Airport: 120km, Railway station(Katpaddi junction): 6.5km, Bus Terminus: 1km
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About Vellore Tourism

Vellore a beautiful semi-rural town located around 145 km from Chennai is a great getaway for the travelers coming to Tamilnadu. As most of the tourists come here to see the magnificent Vijayanagar fort and its temples that are really worth visiting. Lets have a look at it with tourism in Vellore:

With Vellore Tourism - Explore The History

Vellore Tamilnadu in the ancient times grew into a bustling town and since 6th century saw many rulers come and go. The main attraction in Vellore is the Vijayanagar fort constructed around the 17th century is one of the exquisite specimens of military architecture in South India. It was declared the strongest fort in 1806. Also the temple inside the fort is said to contain sculptures that are more beautiful then those of Madurai.

Famous Vellore Tourist Places

» The Vijaynagar Fort:
  • The fort was built in 16th century by a Vijaynagar chieftain and is a fine example of the Military architecture of South India.
  • For some time the Marathas also occupied the fort and later the British took control of it after defeating Tipu Sultan in 1676.
  • Inside the fort one can see the famous Jalakanteswara Temple and several other buildings.

» Vellamalai: The Temple Site
  • Named after Valli, second wife of Lord Murugan and dedicated to Murugan, the temple is situated on a beautiful hilltop.
  • It is carved out of a massive rock and makes for one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vellore.

» Clock Tower Vellore : From British Era
  • The clock tower was built honoring the memory of King George V and the 22 soldiers who lost their lives during World War 1.
  • The Clock Tower is also amongst the popular places to visit in Vellore.

» Ramanashramam:
This small ashram of Sri Ramana Maharishi draws devotees of the Guru who died in 1950 after fifty years of deep meditation.

» St.Johns Church:
  • One of the biggest churches of south India, the St.Johns Church is around a century and half old.
  • The British soldiers who lost their lives during Sepoy mutiny were buried in the graveyard close by.

How to Reach Vellore India

» By Air: Bangalore Airport in Karnataka connects Vellore to other destinations of India as well as abroad. The airport is around 103 kms away

» By Rail: A relatively small railways station by the name of Katpadi connects Vellore to other destinations in India.

» By Road: Vellore is well connected by road to important destinations in south India like Chennai and Bangalore. Buses operate quiet frequently from these destinations to Vellore.

» Local Transport: Within the city, tourists can choose from amongst buses, taxis and auto rickshaws.

Where To Stay In Vellore

From luxury hotels to budget and cheap hotels in Vellore India has every possible option for accommodation in the offering. Few of the major hotels of the city include:

  • Hotel Amirtha - 3 star hotel
  • Hotel Anand - 3 star hotel
  • Hotel Arthi - 4 star hotel
  • Hotel Aryaas - 3 star hotel
  • Hotel Aryas [Arcot Road] - 3 star hotel
  • Hotel Best - 3 star hotel
  • Hotel Oberoi - 4 star hotel
  • Hotel Prince Manor - 4 star hotel
  • Hotel Saravana Bhavan - 4 star hotel